DQUAC is a coalition of youth service providers,working together to promote the importance of quality in out-of-school-time programming, both after school and during summer.


2017-2018 Professional Development Calendar can be downloaded HERE!


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 Our Mission

  • DQUAC is a communication network, a support system, and a collaborative environment for youth serving organizations.
  • DQUAC cultivates collaboration, innovation, and networking that fosters a city-wide perspective among our members.
  • DQUAC supports quality programming through professional development and sharing of best practices among members and contributes its expertise to citywide youth-focused initiatives.
All organizations and individuals who serve Denver youth are welcome to join the DQUAC listserv.  There is no cost or obligation! To join the listserv, email dpsdquac@gmail.com and provide your name, organization and email address.


To find after school programs – visit The Denver Afterschool Program Locator by clicking here.

Out-of-School Time Programs – Essential for Learning

Children spend 44% of their waking hours outside of school.  Kiddos need a safe, supportive place to learn, grow, make friends and develop essential skills.  While parents are at work, hundreds of high quality Out-of-School Time (OST) programs provide a place where children can:

·         Improve academic learning

·         Master computer skills

·         Experiment with music

·         Create works of art

·         Develop leadership skills

·         Become better athletes, and more

OST programs take place in both schools and community-based settings – recreation centers, libraries, non-profits, for-profits, and faith-based organizations.

Denver children benefit from hundreds of OST options, ranging from free to fee-based.  Activities take place before school, after school, on weekends, holidays, school breaks, and summer.