DQUAC Leadership Team Application of Interest

Are you interested in joining the DQUAC Leadership Team? We are seeking individuals to join our team for the 2016-2018 school years. Please click here for the application of interest and visit our website to learn more about DQUAC  http://dquacinfo.webs.com/. Details about time commitment are included in the application and please email dpsdquac@gmail.com with any additional questions.


 Professional Development Sub-Committee

Summary | The Professional Development Committee (PDC) is responsible for organizing, creating and promoting professional development opportunities for the members of DQUAC.  PDC members will help to identify training needs for the DQUAC members, develop round table discussions on key issues and best practices, and help members to tie their programs in with the most current standards and guidelines for out of school/youth development programming.

Leadership | Chairperson: Miranda Cook